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Today, Federal Office of Inspector Generals are continually challenged to innovate and execute on their congressional-driven mission to combat waste, fraud, and abuse. Responding to this challenge requires forward-thinking strategies to streamline core operations, allowing reinvestment in advanced agency objectives. Sanametrix’s exclusively-dedicated OIG Focus Area provides subject matter expertise and solutions to advance the mission of your OIG.

Our Solutions

IG Infrastructure Services for both Collocated and Independent Environment

Whether or not your IG agency is logically and/or physically separated from the parent agency, Sanametrix has proven solutions that will enhance and improve the performance and efficiencies of your core IT operations. Our team of technical architects, engineers and front-line support will apply OIG industry best practices to improve your current environment.

Proven Methodology for IG Cloud Migration

By applying our five-step cloud migration methodology, Sanametrix will help to facilitate the goal of formulating and executing a cloud migration plan. This approach customized for OIG will support the concept of independence and enhanced productivity within your environment.

SanaCloud™ IG Sandbox with High Capacity Processing for Special Operations

SanaCloud™ IG Sandbox offers a secure multi-tenant sandbox to test new innovative technical solutions and delivers high-capacity processing capability for special operations. SanaCloud™ IG Sandbox provides proven security and specialized tools to actively manage your sandbox.

Development of Custom IG Investigations Case Management Systems

Sanametrix’s designs and develops custom IG Investigations Case Management systems. The modular system design enables seamless integration between primary program workflows to include Hotline, Audit, and Legal Counsel.

System Integration of IG-Focused COTS Products

Today, with an ever-increasing number of IG-oriented COTS tools available in the market, Sanametrix experts help IGs evaluate and integrate the best COTS tools for their operation. Sanametrix’s OIG Focus Area leverages best-practices across IGs that reduce adoption risk and ensures project success.

Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Data Analytics

Whether it is traditional data analytics (Descriptive), analyzing historic data to predict future results (Predictive), or forecasting outcomes and taking preemptive measures (Prescriptive), Sanametrix supports IGs in advancing their analytic programs. Our data analytics services empower decision makers to proactively identify waste, fraud, and abuse.

Strategic Consulting Services for the IG

Sanametrix federal IG experts provide surge support and specialized consulting for technology, investigation, audit, and forensics.

Data Visualization and Geospatial Information System (GIS)

IGs have an ever-increasing challenge to advance their insight into regional mission-specific operations. Our visualization experts help IGs effectively communicate, report and analyze your information. Whether it is powerful infographics or interactive mapping, our team has both the technical and IG-specific expertise to support your mission.